Aims of the Department

To  develop knowledge, skills and understanding that pupils need to play a full part in society as active and responsible citizens.

KS3 Citizenship Curriculum

Year 7

Citizenship in Year 7 is taught within PSHCE. One specific focus is Knife Crime. 


Year 8

Unit 1 Rights and Diversity in Britain:

In this unit we will look at what makes up our identity. We will then consider the different rights that exist for people in Britain and how this links to equality. Students will then learn about all the diversity and different cultures that make Britain what is it today.

Unit 2 Democracy and Justice:

In this unit will look at how Britain is run from the laws that are in place to the role of the Monarchy. We will look at how different political parties are formed and what they campaign for. Students will also learn about how they stay safe in our country through the role of the Police and the justice system in Britain.


Year 9

Unit 1 Equality and Human Rights:

In this unit we will consider what rights we have as humans and how this contributes to the equality and inequality in our world. We will also look at organisations that work to promote equality.

Unit 2 Global Citizenship:

In this unit we will look at worldwide stories of people escaping their countries to reach safety, including some who are promised a better life that they never get to experience. We will also look at how different countries choose to punish their criminals using torture or the death penalty.


KS4 Citizenship Curriculum

Across Key Stage 4 we highlight a few topics that are looked at in more depth, building on the work completed in Key Stage 3. Topics that we study include democracy and voting where students are given the opportunity to discover and debate the importance of having the right to vote in the UK.