The Maths department at Trinity aims to provide a challenging and enriching learning experience through high quality teaching which allows pupils to discover and engage in the world of Mathematics. We strive to ensure that pupils leave Trinity with outstanding Maths qualifications and also the Mathematical skills that they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.


Lessons in Maths are exciting and varied and promote problem solving skills, working with peers and independent learning. Pupils in Maths can expect to be challenged and stretched and are encouraged to discover and explore Mathematical concepts for themselves.


As well as consistently achieving GCSE results above the national average, the Maths department at Trinity provide students with a variety of extra-curricular activities to help develop their understanding of the subject. We run a hugely popular extra-curricular Maths club where students develop their understanding and are encouraged to explore problems and look at Maths in the real world. We also have strong links with the University of Manchester who have worked with us to stretch and challenge our students through master classes in particular topics and also via a code breaking competition each year. In addition, we offer students the opportunity to complete the UKMT Maths Challenge each year. A very popular event was the Enigma project where a real Enigma machine was brought into school and students were taught about the mathematics of code breaking and how it helped to end the war.


The Maths curriculum at KS3 focuses on the extension and development of skills first explored at KS2. Pupils are taught to master topics and explore concepts from a variety of different angles. They are encouraged to develop and improve their Mathematical reasoning and challenged to apply their Mathematical knowledge to real world examples. Problem solving forms a large part of the curriculum and pupils are expected to use the skills that they have been taught in order to solve problems.


At KS4 pupils will study GCSE Mathematics which is assessed by examination at the end of year 11. The GCSE programme of study provides students with a wide and varied curriculum which will develop their mathematical knowledge base as well as their problem solving ability. Topics covered include Algebra, Number, Ratio and Proportion and Probability and Statistics. Whether students study at higher tier or foundation tier, they can be confident in the knowledge that through quality teaching and their own hard work, they will leave Trinity with the best possible qualification in Maths.


At Trinity Sixth Form, students have the option to study Maths and Further Maths to A-level. The KS5 Maths curriculum contains topics such as; Proof, Calculus, Trigonometry, Exponentials and Logarithms, Statistics and Mechanics. The A-level Further Maths curriculum aims to extend students’ knowledge further by exploring topics such as; Matrices, Polynomials, Statistical Distributions and Numerical Methods. A-level Maths provides students with an excellent understanding and grounding in the Mathematical tools and techniques often required in the workplace. Students who study A level Further Maths find it enjoyable, rewarding and stimulating as it offers the chance for them to study more complex

and sophisticated Mathematical techniques. It is also a Russell group university facilitating subject which makes it an attractive option for those wishing to further their mathematical studies post A level.