Aims of the Department

RE at Trinity is about affirming, encouraging and challenging students on their spiritual journey. We want students to know about Christianity and other principal religions but we also want them to learn from religion and consider how this learning may be applied to their own lives.

RE is an academic subject but it is also about developing opinions and life skills.

Strengths of the Department

In RE we strive to deliver creative and engaging lessons. We want our students to think, to inquire, to question and to be enthusiastic.

We encourage them to learn from each other and often challenge them to work in learning groups as part of a team.

We recognise that learning does not just take place when they write but also when they discuss their opinions and listen to those of others.

We offer a number of curriculum visits and recognise how these can add to the learning experience.


The RE GCSE results are consistently outstanding with many students achieving top grades.

KS3 R.E. Curriculum

The key stage 3 curriculum is varied and challenging. As well as a clear understanding of Christian beliefs, practice and theology we also look at a variety of world faiths and other worldviews.

Overview of Key Stage 3  RE

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


God , Me and My Neighbour

Why is Jesus famous?

God is .......?


Festivals of Light

What’s it like to be a Sikh?

Islam in the modern world



Rites of Passage

What’s it like to be a Buddhist?


An Introduction to Islam

Inspirational People

What can I learn from Holy Week?


The Bible and Heroes of the Old Testament


Ethics and Morality


Christianity and Justice




KS4 R.E. Curriculum

All students at Trinity study RE to GCSE level. 

Year 10

In year 10 we follow the Edexcel syllabus looking at Christianity and Islam. Topics include Christian beliefs, Muslim beliefs, Crime and punishment, Marriage and the family and Living the Christian Life. There are key words for each unit and these need to be learnt carefully. After each unit the students will be tested to assess their progress and revision at home is a key requirement. There is no coursework and the course is assessed with two terminal examinations in year 11.

Year 11

We continue to follow the Edexcel syllabus looking in depth at moral issues from the perspective of Christians, Muslims and those without faith.

Topics include: Living the Muslim Life, Peace and Conflict and Matters of Life and Death. There is no coursework and the course is examined with two terminal exams at the end of year 11.

We have a regular testing regime for students and they are required to learn key words and revise for end of unit tests at frequent intervals. Careful revision for these tests will be very advantageous in the terminal exams.

KS5 R.E. Curriculum

We offer the Edexcel A level in Religious Studies which includes:

A study of ethical theories and their application to issues such as; medical ethics and war and peace.

A textual study of the New Testament including aspect of John’s Gospel and the Synoptic Gospels.

A study of Islam which includes the history of Islam and challenges for Muslims in the modern world.

This is assessed through a number of terminal examinations.

General R.E.

All students in the 6th form take part in General RE with one lesson per fortnight.  This is based on ethical issues and religion in the modern world.