The Physical Education Department aims to educate all students physically, mentally and socially and to encourage a greater knowledge and awareness of Health Education.

As a department we strive to…

  1. To promote the role and value active participation in physical activity throughout school life, and for this to lead to an active lifestyle upon leaving school.


  1. The encouragement of each student to engage in meaningful and enjoyable physical activity both inside and outside of school.


  1. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum, ensuring equality of opportunity for all students.


  1. To promote a broad extra-curricular programme which encourages students to both develop and enhance new and existing skills. To provide an opportunity whereby students can pursue areas of individual sporting interest, in either a competitive or non-competitive situation.


Our PE Kit


KEY Stage 3 (Year 7/8/9) kit:

           Compulsory items - Black shorts/Red Trinity T-shirt & Red socks

               Optional (worn over compulsory kit) - Black tracksuit bottoms/Trinity P.E. fleece

Suitable sports trainers

KEY Stage 4 (Years 10/11):

                Compulsory items:           Black shorts/tracksuits pants/ Trinity leggings

Black Trinity T-shirt

Black socks

Optional (worn over compulsory kit): Black Trinity P.E. fleece

Suitable sports trainer



At KS3 students will study a variety of activities including Netball, Football, Basketball, handball, Rugby, Gymnastics, Dance, Orienteering, Fitness, Rounders, Athletics and Cricket. Students will be taught in mixed ability classes in year 7 and then set based on their ability in year 8-11.  This will enable lessons to be tailored to individual needs, however these sets will be regularly reviewed allowing students the opportunity to move between groups.


At the beginning of KS3 the curriculum seeks to develop students’ physical literacy skills, enhancing their ability to link generic skills through different activities. As the key stage progresses students seek to refine core skills and enhance complex movements. Throughout the key stage students are provided with every opportunity to evaluate and improve their own and others work enabling them to provide a detailed analysis on performance by the end of Year 9.


During KS3 there is a consistent focus on independent learning allowing students to develop their leadership capabilities enabling them to develop confidence and resilience.

In Year 9 students will select their option pathway for KS4. Students will have the opportunity to discuss this with their class teacher to ensure an appropriate pathway is selected.


Homework: We advise all students to take part in extra curricular sport.


5 ways I can help my son/daughter



Ensure students have their full PE kit for all practical lessons.


Support your child in attending extra curricular activities.


Discuss healthy, active lifestyles with them.


Support their learning of leadership skills.


Engage with your child in watching sport



In Key Stage 4, all students will continue to participate in Core Physical Education lessons.


The Physical Education curriculum at Trinity C E High School aims to provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. We also strive to inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. We seek to provide numerous opportunities for students to compete in sport, build character and to develop values such as commitment, resilience, fairness and respect.


In addition to Core PE lessons, students will have the opportunity to study GCSE PE or Level 2 BTEC Sport.









Exam Board: Edexcel

The Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9–1) in Physical Education consists of two

externally-examined papers and two non-examined assessment components.

Components 1 and 2 will be assessed in year 11.

Components 3 and 4 may be assessed at any point during the course.


Component 1: Fitness and Body Systems

Written examination: 1 hour and 45 minutes

36% of the qualification

90 marks


Content overview

● Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology

● Topic 2: Movement analysis

● Topic 3: Physical training

● Topic 4: Use of data


Assessment overview

The assessment consists of multiple-choice, short-answer, and extended writing questions.

Students must answer all questions.

Calculators can be used in the examination.


Component 2: Health and Performance

Written examination: 1 hour and 15 minutes

24% of the qualification

70 marks


Content overview

● Topic 1: Health, fitness and well-being

● Topic 2: Sport psychology

● Topic 3: Socio-cultural influences

● Topic 4: Use of data


Assessment overview

The assessment consists of multiple-choice, short-answer, and extended writing questions.

Students must answer all questions.

Calculators can be used in the examination.



Component 3: Practical Performance

Non-examined assessment: internally marked and externally moderated

30% of the qualification

105 marks (35 marks per activity)


Content overview

● Skills during individual and team activities

● General performance skills



Assessment overview

The assessment consists of students completing three physical activities from a set list.

One must be a team activity.

One must be an individual activity.

The final activity can be a free choice.

Students must participate in three separate activities.


Component 4: Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) (*Component code: 1PE0/04)

Non-examined assessment: internally marked and externally moderated

10% of the qualification

20 marks

Content overview

● Aim and planning analysis

● Carrying out and monitoring the PEP

● Evaluation of the PEP

Assessment overview

The assessment consists of students producing a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP), and

will require students to analyse and evaluate their performance.

These will be assessed by the teacher and moderated by Pearson.




This is a vocational course over 2 years. Please note that this is equivalent to a GCSE.


  • Practical performance and observation.
  • Multiple choice and short answer examination.
  • Written coursework assignments.

What can BTEC Sport offer you?

1. The chance to participate in and develop your practical abilities in a range of activities, taken from the areas of Invasion Games, Net/Wall Games, Personal Fitness, Individual and Striking/Fielding Games.

2. The opportunity to extend your knowledge of the rules and etiquette involved in a variety of sports

3. An introduction to specialised training methods and styles and types of fitness testing

4. Knowledge of the human body and how it responds to exercise

5. The sports performer in action

What you should have?

1. An all-round interest in and enthusiasm for Physical activity

2. A willingness to learn new skills and techniques and apply the necessary effort in a variety of different activities

3. An ability to appreciate a scientific approach to studies.

Students will be doing four units in this subject:

Unit 1 - Fitness for sport and exercise - external exam

Unit 2 - Practical sport performance.

Unit 5 – Training for personal fitness.

Unit 6 – Leading sports Activities.

This consists of 1 exam and 3 units which all consist of 3 or 4 assignments in each.



Extra Curricular Activities at Trinity

At Trinity we have a thriving extra-curricular programme with a range of different clubs. We encourage as many students as possible to attend these clubs, whether it is competitive or to encourage healthy living and develop social well-being. Trinity students regularly represent the school in competitions against other schools in many sports and some represent the County and even England in their chosen sport. As pupils progress through the School they will get the opportunity to become a Sports Captain.

Trinity’s reputation as a sports school of excellence within the area is growing, particularly with the U14 girls winning the National Basketball Championships 2018-2019, U12 basketball girls won the JrNBA league to become North west Winners 2018-2019 and a number of other teams winning competitions.  We had 4 teams reach the Manchester Football cup finals this year 2018-2019, with the year 10 girls becoming Champions for the fourth year running.

Though our partnership with Manchester Magic and Mystics basketball club, specialist coaches come into school to run coaching sessions for both boys and girls leading to many students’ being invite to play for the National League team.  Students may have the opportunity to help coach and manage teams and we encourage them to become involved with local clubs. 

We provide Extra -Curricular clubs in the following sports

  • Football                               
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Handball
  • Rounder
  • Cricket
  • Fitness
  • Badminton
  • Dodgeball
  • Rugby
  • Dance
  • Table Tennis
  • Trampoining


You can follow all our up to date action on our Twitter page @TrinityHighPE